Video Premiere – Stanley Odd – Night Rip

The COVID lockdown has affected many areas of life since the country came to a standstill in March. A&A Favs Stanley Odd were on the brink of their very own project restart. An album ready to go, tour booked and on sale, and an excited fanbase. Then “boom”, like that, everything was stopped. The album was pushed back and the tour optimistically rescheduled for autumn. We all went into lockdown full of hope that we would be in music venues again by now, alas, we aren’t, and that rescheduled Stanley Odd Tour has now been cancelled.

Is that gonna stop them from getting their new music to the fans? In the word of frontman SolareyeAye right, not likely“. Following on from their last single ‘FUWSH (F**k You We’re Still Here)‘, Night Rip is the second track to be released since government lockdown restrictions began.

I’m leaving with the sunlight; come dawn light my shadow won’t be found,
Solareye vocals layer over the soulful tones of fellow vocalist Veronika Elektronika.

The band describes the single as a reflection on the “dichotomy of chasing the light to something new and destroying what you had; the sunrise spreading across the land; showing a path or direction to travel with new places and opportunities – but also setting fire to home and leaving it to
“It’s about the loudness of your thoughts and a head full of stress, filling you up physically ‘til you can’t even speak to articulate them. It’s about restlessness and steeling yourself for the resolve to
go. Heads full of racing thoughts that won’t stop. Feet that won’t stay still.