Track Of The Week – Yinyang – Happy Money

“The World Could Sure Use Some Happiness Right Now!”
London-based Irish artist Lauren Hannan, better know as Yinyang, has released the 6th player in her musical battle ‘Happy Money’ and it’s this week’s A&A Track of the Week.

The lyrics tell a raw, relatable tale of depression, antidepressants and how she’s frustrated that her happiness depends on an over-the-counter remedy that shemustpay for. In self-soothing she discovered most self-help materials saying something daft like ‘Happiness is the best medicine’, which infuriated her, so she regurgitated Happy Money.

In 2022 YINYANG will be releasing three tracks, Happy Money being the first, followed by two more to finish off the year, as well as a couple of collaborations with other artists, and she’s currently focusing on making her live show dominant force.