Track Of The Week – Stina Marie Claire – The Human Condition

Honeyblood (aka Stina Tweeddale) today unveils her new creative project, Stina Marie Claire, in conjunction with the release of the single ‘The Human Condition’.

Developed throughout 2020 during the Covid-19 related lockdown, Stina Marie Claire provided Honeyblood with a creative outlet while she was unable to perform and record with her live band.

Having been in the middle of recording the fourth Honeyblood album when the pandemic hit, the record had to be put on hold, with all concerts – including a show with the Foo Fighters in Europe – also being postponed.

Quickly adapting to the challenges, Honeyblood set-up a home studio and pivoted her plans to begin developing the Stina Marie Claire project through the design of a unique, community-driven experience which fans were invited to take part in. Facilitated online through the membership platform Patreon, fans who signed up to support the project were given the opportunity to input and vote on a wide range of creative decisions.

Together they developed Stina Marie Claire, as well as what eventually became the ‘A Souvenir of a Terrible Year’ EP. Stina Marie Claire presents an intimate and unique snapshot of Honeyblood’s life as an artist during the Covid-19 pandemic and 2020’s lockdown, as well as showcases her innovative and collaborative approach to keep connected with her fanbase. A significant departure from her usual rock-pop sound, Stina Marie Claire delivers heart-wrenchingly poignant bedroom pop; returning to her DIY roots and looking inwards to present songs fuelled with vulnerable, tender lyrics which are fitting of current times.

‘The Human Condition’ is the lead-single from the 4-track EP ‘A Souvenir of a Terrible Year’, which is released on Friday 1 October via ICEBLINK LUCK; the label and management company that Honeyblood co-founded with Robert Kilpatrick (Scottish Music Industry Association) in December 2019.

Honeyblood said the following about the development of the Stina Marie Claire project:

“2020 was a strange year. Trying to navigate the challenges of Covid-19, I set up a wonderful online community, inviting those who love my music to come on a unique journey with me. These fans were able to be a part of my creative process every step of the way; an eye-opening experience not just for them but for me. We made this release together, collaborating directly from the artist to fan. If anything, this experience has been a shining beacon of creativity in a time where keeping the embers of inspiration has been so difficult. 

Just before the pandemic hit, I decided it was time to start my own record label – ICEBLINK LUCK – with my dear friend Robert Kilpatrick. Together, we developed the label to further shine a light on

Scotland as a creative musical hub and build within our wonderful music industry at home. We have been working with a creative in-house team and have been enjoying watching our community flourish despite it being an incredibly challenging time for music. I hope to look back on this release as a souvenir of something special we made together.”