Track Of The Week – Lizzie Reid – How Do I Show My Love?

Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid has announced her second EP, ‘Mooching’. She’s also shared an intimate new single, ‘How Do I Show My Love?’. The EP will come out via sevenfoursevensix (Matilda Mann, Matt Maltese, tinyumbrellas) on July 27th.  ‘How Do I Show My Love’ is this week’s Track of the Week

The EP announcement comes after Lizzie made her return with new single ‘Bible’ in March. Her first release since her widely-acclaimed debut EP ‘Cubicle’ in early 2021, ‘Bible’ won widespread support at press and has had airplay on Radio 1, 6Music and Radio 2. 

While the Scottish-Album-of-the-Year-shortlisted ‘Cubicle’ centred around Lizzie’s  first same-sex relationships, its follow-up discloses her mental health struggles for the first time. The title itself ‘Mooching’ comes from a phrase Lizzie’s Grandma used to use when her dog was begging for affection. “Stop mooching” she’d say, and to Lizzie that phrase has come to act as a lesson to not rely entirely on others for comfort and to prioritise finding comfort within herself. 

‘How Do I Show My Love?’ is written about a time when Lizzie was having countless panic attacks and the strain on her mental health left her unsure of how to express her love for others. 

Speaking about the song, she said:
“This is another break up song but over time it has taken on new meaning from its original intention. Over the past few years life has been pretty harsh for a lot of people and when I sing this song it makes me feel how hard it has been to stay connected and express my feelings for certain people I care about. I find it hard at the best of times to communicate properly in a way that I would like but that can feel impossible when times are hard and people are forced to be apart.”

Lizzie initially just had the song’s chorus written until one day she performed it on her Grandma’s piano and the harmonies provided by her cousin drove her on to complete it. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the family-oriented person that Lizzie is. Producer Oliver Barton Wood (Nilufer Yanya, Molly Payton, Jones) tried to recreate the intimate moment of the song’s genesis by capturing as many of the piano’s creaks and groans as he could. The end result is a simple but dream-like sounding track from a time gone by.