Track Of The Week – Lissy Taylor – Young

This week’s A&A Track of the Week is ‘Young’ by Lissy Taylor

‘YOUNG’ delivers the ultimate mood-boosting summer soundtrack, bursting with soaring
guitar riffs and warm, honeyed vocals. As the world emerges from the last few years of
isolation, Lissy Taylor is embracing an unlocked world with a renewed drive and passion
through feel-good music.

Lissy said about the single “Young embodies escapism, hope and untamed energy.” When I
wrote ‘Young’ I wanted to write something that was uplifting and honest. I always write from
my personal experience. From moving to America in my teens to performing live or more
recently learning to surf my association with youth is largely memories of facing my fears.
Always going towards a challenge has massively shaped who I am considering I was
originally very shy before I got into music.

I believe that being young is more than just age it’s a mindset. Giving yourself the freedom to
change your mind and go after what you want. Not getting caught up in stress of yesterday
and tomorrow instead being in the moment. Do the unexpected. Do things that scare you.
Be daring, brave and bold.

Lissy Taylor is a rising British artist with an addictive indie sound. Originally from Stoke-On-
Trent, Lissy moved to the USA in 2015 where she began experimenting with songwriting.

Her earliest gigs and formative years were spent playing in bars across the states. It’s the
hybrid of American influences and UK indie culture that gives Lissy Taylor her unique sound.
Returning to the UK in 2017, Lissy graduated from BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music
Institute) with a first-class honours degree in songwriting and continued to perform at music
venues and festivals nationwide, including Neverworld, Y Not and 110 Above, as well as
completing her first UK headline tour in 2021. These shows paved the way for Lissy to be
named as one of This Feelings Big in 2022 rising stars as well as perform her songs on Sky
TV’s ‘Live from the Edge’ presented by Mark Radcliffe.

‘YOUNG’ is the first of 4 tracks to be released in 2022, it follows Lissy Taylor’s Sophomore
EP ‘’Undercurrent’ released in 2021 and debut EP ‘Wildflowers released in 2020. Being able
to dissect how she feels in the moment and translate that to songwriting seems to come
impressively naturally to Lissy. As she delivers a series of mood-boosting tracks that
champion embracing simple pleasures, she’s ready to stake her claim on the music scene.