Track Of The Week – kitti – Chasing The Crowd

Track Of The Week – kitti – Chasing The Crowd

Do I weigh the correct amount? You know the body type that’s so profound”

Have you ever felt like that dress just doesn’t quite look right? Have you ever compared yourself to that guy in the gym with washboard abs or that girl on the street with the amazing “instagramable” makeup? Are you just insecure about being in your own skin?
With artists such as LizzoJess Glynne and Beyoncé encouraging us all to embrace our natural bodies, there’s a new girl on the block and she’d like to let you know what she thinks.
By bringing a new feel to the pop music table,   from Glasgow UK, is bold in her choice of lyrics with her debut single entitled “Chasing The Crowd”. A song that musters confidence in self-perception, shows off her unique vocals and oozes funky rhythm.




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