Track of the Week – Indigo Velvet – Get Me High

Track of the Week – Indigo Velvet – Get Me High

After taking some time out in 2018, Indigo Velvet are back with a new track ‘Get Me High’ and they will play a hometown show at The Mash House in Edinburgh on Saturday 16th November.
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Recorded & produced by Mark Morrow, ‘Get Me High’ see’s the Edinburgh based 4-piece at their most personal and honest after a turbulent 2018.

Lead singer & guitarist Darren Barclay explains…

“Get Me High came about as one of those songs that just needed to happen – we had been writing on the back of a quiet 2018 which was time taken out for all of us. I was at a point where I needed to get my shit together. I‘d been going out far too much and burning the candle at both ends. Nearer the end of the year things were starting to pick up, I was beginning to ditch dirty habits and replace them with positive things and more importantly, people in my life. I decided to go down to the studio myself and try song writing in a different way than we usually would – by myself. I got the chorus together and played it back to the boys and we built the structure of the song around that. I wanted the feel of the song to have a good drive to it and have this sense of turbulence and positivity that reflects well on what that previous year had brought with how emotional and energetic this year has been in a positive way.

The song is essentially about meeting that one person who saves you from the brink of self-destruction. They flip your life upside down, you get to a point where you can’t see your life without them and are so grateful for all the love, time and energy they provide you on a daily basis that you can’t help not want to be with them every day. It is a song that it is very personal to me and really did save me from myself and is a thank you. I feel at one point or another everyone has that person. ‘Get Me High’ is also for those people you are seeing a lot of nowadays – especially on social media – the difficulties with mental health and their struggles and I feel that I was lucky enough to find someone to open up to, put my trust in, talk about my emotions and to feel wanted/looked after. I am a true believer that everyone deserves happiness, deserves to be loved and to offer love – and this is what Get Me High reflects on.”




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