TOTW & Getting To Know – Yinyang – Black Mamba

This week’s A&A Track of the Week is the debut release from London based Northern Irish Alternative Hip Hop artist Yinyang. Black Mamba is out now!

We also had a chat with her about the tune, plans and how COVID has affected her plans

A&A – Hello, Yinyang! For people who don’t know, tell us about Yinyang
YY – hey! Yinyang is an experimental hiphop project, although it’s pretty fluid and seeps into lots of other genres too. I’m just making music that I think sounds cool and having a lot of fun with it! There is both badass raw feminine energy and vulnerability within the project, I often feel like I am two different people inside one body – one half of me is a badass and the other half of me is vulnerable, and the project reflects this along with the name Yinyang. 

A&A –  How would you describe the music?
YY – I’ve been trying to work this out for months now! Every song is totally different, it all depends on what the story it’s telling is. The music and the lyrics are supposed to complement each other and work together to create an atmosphere so that you will feel what I’m feeling when you hear it. I hope.
A&A – You have just released your debut single ‘Black Mamba’ (It’s our Track Of The Week), Tell us about the song, how has it went and how’s the response been?
YY – Yes, buzzy! Thank you so much by the way! The song is about my personal growth and progressing from a person who didn’t think much about herself into this character of a deadly snake, the ‘Black Mamba’. It’s empowering and pokes fun at events that happened when I wasn’t the black mamba e.g. someone was a bit of a dick to me so there’s a line that says  ‘I thought you’d taste sweeter but you taste like fucking sauerkraut’. Tongue and cheek humour but with a bit of a yep, imma dis anyone who made me feel bad, including my old self, on the internet because now I’m a deadly empowered snake and this is me shedding my old skin.The release went waaay better than I ever thought. It was absolutely terrifying to sort of bare your soul to everyone, but it’s went brilliantly and I’m chuffed to bits that people are enjoying it. Just this morning it was made Best Song In The World by BBCNI Across The Line, gas levels are on 10!

A&A – We can’t chat about releasing new music in 2020 without mentioning coronavirus and lockdown? Have your plans changed because of this? Was it always the plan to release music this summer?
YY – Yep 2020 has been a wild ride so far! My whole life has changed in the last few months, but ya gotta adapt so I’m maintaining focus and trying to use all this free time wisely for the project. I always was planning to release music this year and play gigs, so one out of two isn’t so bad I guess. I also want to get better at producing and continue to push the project as far as I can really! 

A&A – What’s the worst part of being a new artist during lockdown and COVID restrictions?
YY – It’s gotta be not being able to play gigs, or attend gigs. At the start it was hard too because I’ve only started to produce music, I taught myself through lockdown and I’ve still got A LOT to learn, and not being able to have someone with me to help or bounce ideas off or reign in my mad ideas was pretty hard! I was constantly like, ‘would a cat meow sound cool here? Ah fuck it there’s no one here to say no, chuck it in’ which sometimes is a bad thing for me because I get pretty carried away. 

A&A – Who are your influences and what is your songwriting process? 
YY – Kendrick Lamar, Little Simz, James Blake, Denzel Curry, Sampa The Great… god, I’ve got a lot of influences, that’s not even the half of them! My writing process is basically trying to write everywhere I go and at any time – if I can chuck my headphones on and use my laptop with no distractions for a while then I’m gonna be writing! 

A&A – Who is your dream collaboration and support gig? 
YY – At this moment in time, anyone! Haha but any of the above would be unreal. 

A&A – We love discovering new music here at A&A. What have you been listening to recently?
YY – Baianá by Barbatuques or Firesale by Dera Meelan and Deadforest. They are my jams right now. 

A&A – It’s difficult to say right now but what are the plans for the rest of 2020 and into next year?
YY –  I’ve been working on an album so I want to stay focused and get that finished, hopefully be able to play some gigs/festivals if we can by then and put out more music and have as much fun with this project as I can. 

A&A – If you could describe Yin Yang with one song (not your own) what would it be? 
YY – Ooooh that’s a hard one. Maybe Creator by Santigold.