The Vegan Leather release new single ‘The Hit’ and announce debut album details.

The Vegan Leather release new single ‘The Hit’ and announce debut album details.

Last week, A&A favourites The Vegan Leather released their new single ‘The Hit’ and announced details of their debut album. Poor Girls / Broken Boys will be out in October.

The album takes its name from the new single’s opening lines, and one of its key themes is front and centre on ‘The Hit’: learning to exist in a world that increasingly sees nothing as off limits for commodification. From corporations appropriating Pride month rainbows to the anthropomorphising of fast food brands on social media, no human emotion is off the counter.

I started to write the song from the point of view of myself as a woman of feeling passive and commodified, and only there for other people’s pleasure,” says vocalist Marie Collins  of the new track. “I then started to think about how this is also true for artists. Art/music that has real integrity or intrinsic value is often turned into something commercial through the pressure of capitalism. Although there can be no comparison between an artist’s plight to the daily oppression, violence and discrimination of women, I thought it was an interesting way to explore commodification.”

The Hit’ was born after Marie and co-vocalist Gian Bernacchi attended a march against sexual violence in their hometown of Paisley, before heading to a studio session. “The name is fashioned from the use of a double entendre by alluding to violence against women, whilst making a reference to the increasing pressures of creating a ‘hit’ song,”Marie explains. 

We thought it was interesting to compare themes of violence and threat with increased societal pressures. It also alludes to just being a ‘hit’ in your everyday life – in your job, relationships and the pressure to be perfect.”

Suitably enough, ‘The Hit’ is perhaps the quartet’s catchiest single to date. It also encapsulates the diversity of the band’s sound more than any release to date: rumbling bass gives way to electro synths, disco rhythms, the pure pop hook of the chorus (‘I was waiting for the hit…’) before the whole thing erupts into a riff-heavy rock-out in the closing moments. It’s an exhilarating ride.

Having spent the latter half of 2018 recording new music at Chem19 studios, where they worked alongside legendary producer Paul Savage, The Vegan Leather emerged from the sessions with a collection of their most ambitious and innovative work to date. Following the critical success of ‘French Exit’, which placed on the Amazing Radio chart and received support from the likes of Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, the band are all set for an electrifying 2019.

Now with a list of memorable appearances at The Great Escape, TRSNMT Festival, Electric Fields, and Tenement Trail already under their belt, as well as support slots with the likes of Paolo Nutini and Phoenix at the legendary Barrowland Ballroom, it seems like The Vegan Leather are proving to be a hit themselves.


12th October 2019 – Twisterella, Middlesbrough
2nd November 2019 – King Tut’s, Glasgow (album launch)
January 2020 – Rockaway Beach Festival, Bognor Regis




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