Single Premiere – Wylde – Steal Me

Single Premiere – Wylde – Steal Me

Edinburgh’s Wylde release their new single ‘Steal Me’ on Friday (7th Dec) and play Sneaky Pete’s on Saturday (8th Dec)

A&A – For those who don’t know tell us about Wylde?
Wylde – We are a four piece, female lead post-punk band based between Glasgow and Edinburgh, heavily inspired by the likes of Joy Division, Sonic Youth and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The band consists of Monica Anderson on vocals and guitar, Robbie Broome on guitar, Jamie Walker on drums, and Sam Smith on bass.
A&A – You’re new single ‘Steal Me’ is out this week. Tell us about it
Wylde – Steal Me will be the first song released from a series of recording that we’ve been working on throughout the year. The song was recorded in Gorbals Sound and Tech Noir studios and produced by Dave Cook formerly of Kick To Kill. We feel the track is a lot more stripped back and direct in comparison to our previous attempts. We also put a lot of time and effort into experimenting with layering guitars and vocals in this track, so it holds a special place for us all.
Monica – The track lyrically I think really aims to address the so-called ‘high’ we strive to achieve, though we ultimately feel lower in the end. I often find myself guilty of over-indulging in things that make me feel good, even when I’m aware of the consequences leading a hedonistic life may have. I know the high will end one day, but I’m young, so what’s the point in stopping now.

A&A – We are drawing towards the end of 2018. How has this year been for the band?
Wylde – 2018 has come with its ups and downs. Supporting Bully was undoubtedly one of the best shows we’ve ever had the privilege of playing, especially as we’re all massive fans. Playing alongside Rituals and The Ninth Wave, two of our favourite Scottish bands, for Independent Venue Week, was also another big highlight of the year. The lengthy recording process started around this time last year, fully kicking into swing around May/June time when we visited Gorbals to record the rhythm section of our songs. Due to illness on both parts over the summer, the whole process has taken longer than expected, but we’ve been gigging a lot recently and are hoping the release of ‘Steal Me’ will help pick up some of that momentum again and continue into next year.
A&A – Who are your biggest influences?
Wylde – We draw influence from a lot of different places and genres. Right now we’re quite into the Twilight Sad, Shame and Smashing Pumpkins, but we also listen to a lot of 90’s hip-hop and house music when we’re together. Acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, Mall Grab and Ross From Friends who tend to incorporate a lot of intricate jazz chord samples over simple but menacing beats has influenced a lot our more recently writing, trying to home into this in some way whilst keeping our distorted reverb guitar roots. When Wylde started out we were all about DIIV and The Cure, and undoubtedly sounded very much like them, but now we’ve begun developing our sound a lot more we draw less and less from them, or anyone for that matter. A lot of the time it will be a guitar tone or a drum sound we’ll really like and we’ll try to emulate that, rather than a song sounding like another song or band we’ve been listening to. More often than not we tend to pull obscure things from songs by bands that sound nothing like us.
A&A – What is your songwriting process?
Wylde – Songs tend to come one way or another. Usually, the two of us will come up with a riff or guitar part and we’ll work that up together ourselves before bringing it to Jamie and Sam to help us fill in the dots. We also do a lot of jamming, sometimes playing to a chord progression we’ve created for a good part of an hour to then trim it down to become a 3-5 minute song. No one ever writes a full song then brings it into the studio – we all contribute to the songwriting process in some way or another. Monica always writes the vocal melody and lyrics.
A&A – You play Sneaky Petes this weekend (Sat 8th Dec) are you looking forward to the show?
Wylde – We’re incredibly excited to play Sneaky’s. We’ve booked the venue and we’re promoting it ourselves so we got to choose which bands we want to play, which is always a bonus. The last few times we’ve played Sneaky’s it has been an absolute riot so we’re hoping to repeat that, and hopefully top it.
A&A – One of A&A’s favourites Betty & The Bass are supporting. Tell us why you chose them
Wylde – When we were picking the supports we wanted to put on bands that were different to us to change things up. We’ve never played with Bettys before but we’ve always watched their progression and we’ve wanted to play with them for a while. We thought their whole country grunge vibe they have going on would be a cool contrast before we played. Also girl power…

A&A – What are the plans for Wylde in 2019?
Wylde – We’re hoping to release the rest of the music that we’ve been working on and continue playing shows around Scotland with plans of potential shows with friends down in England. We’d love to play some more festivals too.
A&A – If you could choose 1 song to describe Wylde, what would it be and why?
Wylde – We can’t think of a song to describe us but our favourite song to have a boogie to is BFODAAS by Mall Grab.




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