Interview – Sea Girls – ‘Open Up Your Head’ Out Now and Tour starting this month

Interview – Sea Girls – ‘Open Up Your Head’ Out Now and Tour starting this month

Sea Girls released a brand new single ‘Open Up Your Head’ last week and will set off on a UK Tour this month. We caught up with the band to chat about this and the plans for the summer and beyond.

A&A – Hello Sea Girls, Tell us about yourselves

Sea Girls – We’re a four-piece band dealing in catchy rock tunes

You started the year with being tip by the BBC in their Sound of 2019 tips. How did it feel to be involved in that?

It’s just a real honour. The list was made up of some amazing acts that we’re excited to grow alongside. There’s a really great scene for new bands at the moment and every festival we play is just packed full of awesome new music, it’s very exciting!

Your new single ‘Open Up Your Head’ is out now. Tell us about the tune?

‘Open Up Your Head’  is about being your own worst enemy but having someone believing in you unconditionally. Some people struggle with self-esteem, Some people party too hard, and some people feel stuck from making wrong choices. It can be crucial having someone who offers a hand out of those places we find ourselves and don’t want to remain.

You’ve received massive praise for your live shows. You are playing The Mash House in Edinburgh 27 Feb. What should the crowd expect?

Some big songs, lots of dancing and a great night hopefully. A workout for the body and soul. (TICKETS)

As well as playing in Edinburgh, you are touring the length of the UK. Do you enjoy being on the road?

We love it. It’s where we can see how our songs are impacting people. There’s just something amazing about having our songs sung back to us by such beautiful crowds!

I first heard you guys on a new music Spotify playlist and immediately went looking for more. How important are these playlists for bands to get new fans?

These playlists are great. We’ve discovered lots of bands we love through these, they’re definitely a great avenue to finding new artists.

Who would you say your influences are? What do you listen to on tour?

We like big, expressive and catchy music – so anything that falls under that really! From Florence + The Machine to The Killers to Sinatra, anything goes. On tour we listen to a real mix, there’s a lot of driving, so we often use it as a chance to put on new albums as we can hear them in full. Before we go on stage we usually listen to some big anthemic rock and indie pop tunes to get us hyped up.

You are hitting the festival circuit this year. Where can festival goers see you live?

So far we’ve announced a chunk of them inc. Y Not, Kendal Calling, Truck etc with more to come! Last year we played 22 and we’re slowly creeping up to that number for this year. If you live in the UK, chances are we’re playing somewhere near you including Scotland.

So, once you have completed your own tour and done festival season, what are the plans for the rest of 2019?

Carry on writing and recording! We have some recording booked in for straight after this tour, so after road testing some new songs we’ll be getting them down. We’re working toward our debut album, so we’re having a lot of fun writing and experimenting at the moment.

If you could describe Sea Girls in one song, what would it be?

Our own song? That would be ‘Open Up Your Head’, big confessional and catchy! If you mean someone else’s song then we’ll go for ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ by Tears For Fears.




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