The Return To Radio – New Show On Shore Radio

Shore Radio

I am delighted to announce that after almost 2 years off the air Ian Schofield and I will be returning to your radio waves in the next couple of weeks.

I have been approached by Ricky Templeman to present a new weekly show on Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm where we will take the basis of the show we had at the old station and combine it with this website to create a brand new show featuring live sessions, gig guides and loads of local music. We are very excited to be getting this opportunity to play some of our favourite local bands to a radio audience again.

After all the nonsense that went on and that is still on going with Castle FM (they don’t broadcast on FM so how they can call themselves that I will never know) I was slightly reluctant to agree but after having a look at what they are doing at Shore and after a meeting with Ricky i feel that the structure, facilities and people are there to assist us in once again providing Edinburgh with a local music show that it can be proud of.

We had a great time presenting the last show, where we got to interview many great bands over 6 years, many of who have become great friends in this time and we were gutted at the way it all ended.

As Castle FM are using (read wasting) a FM license Shore Radio will be online only.  There is a load of ways you can listen. Find out more by clicking below.

Shore Radio




My first show will be Wednesday 26th November and Ian will join me the following week. We have no guests confirmed for the first couple of shows but we are working hard to get this sorted. Although we may have to have a couple of weeks to break ourselves back in and get rid of any rust.

To go along with this new show, there will be changes to how the blogs are posted on the website.

Gig Guides will now be published on a Wednesday lunchtime and will run from Thursday – Wednesday.  The Video of the week will be announced on Monday and the 8-Track will be updated on a Friday. I will be looking to publish short news stories as often as I can and put out a blog on a Thursday. We are hoping to have a listen again feature so you can listen to past shows right from this website.

So what i need now is content to for the first month of shows. So i’m calling all bands, promoters, venues, singers or anyone who has an interesting story on local music to give me a shout. You can do it through the contact page on this site, email me at or give me a tweet at




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