Posable Action Figures – Cut – Exclusive First Play

Posable Action Figures – Cut – Exclusive First Play

Alive & Amplified are delighted to give to you the first listen of the brand new single ‘Cut’ by Edinburgh’s Posable Action Figures.

Posable Action Figures
Photo by Cameron Brisbane

Posable Action Figures are kicking off 2017 by releasing a brand new single ‘Cut’ and Alive & Amplified are delighted to be able to bring you the first play of this song.

2016 was a great year for the Leith duo releasing a number of tracks as well as a video launch at Leith Depot with A&A. They were picked to showcase up at XpoNorth and have played a number of cracking gigs and some amazing support slots with A&A favourites Indigo Velvet and NOAH NOAH.

Ailsa caught up with Gareth & John to talk about the new single and future plans for Posable Action Figures

First of all, how did PAF come to be? 

Gareth: John recorded my old band, during that session a burning desire to make musical babies developed, however it took 3 years and one drunken night at a gig at the bongo club to make it happen.

For someone who hasn’t heard you yet, describe your sound in 3 words?

Gareth: Really?, Um, Alright.
John: We usually go for Electro, Pop, Rock but Gareth’s description works too.

What’s the story behind new single, Cut?

Gareth: Typically there isn’t a story behind any of our songs beyond, “Hey I wonder if we can just play this riff for 3 minutes and get away with it” but this song is about break downs in communication amongst family members, and the slow realisation that the place you once thought of as home no longer exists.

Where did the idea for the video come from? 

John: We were discussing people we knew who we’d like to have in one of our videos and eventually got onto my old band mate Scott. We just loved the idea of him in a horror movie setting attempting to save the day so we basically formed the idea around that.

Have you guys got any upcoming shows in Edinburgh?

John: Not right now actually. We gigged pretty much constantly last year so we thought it would be nice to take a wee break at the start of this year. We are planning a tour of some sorts in April though where we’ll be playing with a lot of our friends so we’ll hopefully be able to announce that very soon.

You guys are quite involved in working in music in this city – what’s your thoughts on Edinburgh’s music scene?

Gareth: I love the scene in Edinburgh, everyone is quite supportive of one and other, there is a decent sense of community amongst everyone.
John: Yeah, before we came out with Posable Action Figures we had both been out of the local scene in a playing sense for over a year so we didn’t know quite what to expect but so far everyone has been awesome and getting to know the other bands has been one of the best things about playing with PAF.

Lastly, what does 2017 hold for you guys?

Gareth: Midnight tickets to see Star Wars Episode 8
John: … On the band front… we’ve got the single ‘Cut’ that comes out on the 10th and beyond that we have another release lined up for April and hopefully a tour but as for the rest of the year we’ll take it as it comes. We’re toying with the idea of writing an album too so that might keep us busy for the second half of the year.

‘Cut’ is out Tuesday 10th January on all good downloading and streaming sites.




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