New Releases from Scotland – 7th November

New Releases from Scotland – 7th November

Alive & Amplified rounds up the newest releases from Catholic Action, Bottle Note, Stillhound ft EMILIE & WHITE.

Catholic Action – In Memory Of

Glasgow’s Catholic Action have released their debut album ‘In Memory Of’ in the last couple of weeks. It feels like it’s been an age since I saw them at Wide Days in 2015 but it’s sure worth the wait. In Memory Of is the sound of a band in total control of their sound. Combining a youthful energy with the innate pop songwriting prowess of Chris McCrory, the album shines with a rarely seen confidence. Despite having nods toward guitar pop from the past and present, the album has its gaze truly fixed in the future. The band are currently touring the UK with Kagoule so if you are heading to one of these shows be sure to get along early and see Catholic Action. Work has already begun on the follow up to ‘In Memory Of’ so hopefully the wait for the second album won’t be as long.

Bottle Note – Amber

Edinburgh’s Bottle Note released their latest single ‘Amber’ last week and straight from the drum intro, you can hear the Arctic Monkeys influences.  I also hear elements of early (when they were decent) The Vaccines. However, it is unfair to just compare Bottle Note to other bands. They definitely have a unique sound about them and I feel this release could propel them onto bigger things in Scotland and beyond. Their music has already been played out in Detriot. Listen to Amber below but also check out its partner track ‘Follow’ which I can see becoming a live favourite.

Stillhound ft EMILIE – Before We Shut Our Eyes

What happens when one of your favourite electronic bands and one of your favourite electronic solo artists get together to make a song. Well, obviously they make one of your favourite electronic songs of the year. Stillhound have called upon EMILIE to provide some vocals for their latest single ‘Before We Shut Out Eyes’ and the results are great. It’s a more chilled out number than we saw from Stillhound’s 2016 debut album ‘Bury Everything’. It’s the kind of music that could soundtrack the 4am party in the flat after a big night out when everyone is winding down.

WHITE x Bovine – Sweat

WHITE’s debut album ‘One Night Stand Forever’ is one of my favourite releases from 2017. ‘Sweat’ is one of the stand out tracks on the album and it’s been given a makeover by Bovine and released as a stand alone single. 2017 has been a very busy year for the band, the debut album was released, they played a number of festivals and have toured Europe (they also play Amsterdam Paradiso on 13th Dec). WHITE are definitely one of my favourite live bands going around. Hopefully 2018 is just as busy for them with live dates.




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