Luna Delirious – Moon Party – Guest Blog

Luna Delirious – Moon Party – Guest Blog

Luna Delirious is hosting a night of music and poetry to raise money for homeless women and sex workers in Edinburgh to get the necessities they so need. Alive & Amplified has invited her to write a guest blog to tell us more.


I often check my cycle app – the one that tells you when your period starts, right now I’m day 24 and I’m in the PMS stage, and I’m dreading the awful day the app tells me I’m on day 28 and time is up – I have my period. Not much sympathy is given and I need to carry on my day as usual with cramps and quite a bad mood, imagine this but a thousand times worse.. Imagine you were homeless when you got your period.

Homeless women’s issues are not spoken about and have been ignored for a long time, the struggle of being homeless is bad enough without adding in a period to make things for uncomfortable. Imagine those cramps you had that were so bad you took the day off work, maybe you didn’t leave the house or you skipped a lecture at uni, homeless women don’t have this choice. Imagine you didn’t have enough money for tampons, or sanitary pads, what would you do?

The time is to stop seeing a woman’s natural monthly cycle as a weird and disgusting thing and start seeing it as normal, women need tampons, they need pads and until the laws are passed – which I hope they will be in the future – to supply women with free sanitary products then it is up to us to help homeless women in their time of need. Thinking about this issue made me feel helpless, until I decided to throw a massive party, charge door entry and use the money to buy thousands of tampons.

When I first came up with the idea to raise money for this cause, I met up with the women’s team from Streetwork, an organisation that supply homeless people with the necessities they need in day to day life, and after a long discussion about what plans I had I felt the urge to ask if there was anything else women in Edinburgh really needed and the team almost looked embarrassed as they told me that they desperately needed panic alarms for sex workers. Another group of women who have been failed.

I don’t have to explain the struggles of being a sex worker today, raising money won’t end the stigma, it won’t make police take assault charges seriously, it won’t make sex clinics show more respect, but it might keep a group of women safer.

The night will consist of something for everyone! We have Iona Lee and J A Sutherland to ease us into the night with their words (and a little birdie tells us that Iona is selling art on the night too)

Later we have quite the special guests to keep us mesmerised with song, Sister Midnight, Ruth Cumming, and Ailsa who also raps but who knows what she’ll pull out on the night.

To get you up and dancing we have the Micro Band! All wonderful regulars at Henry’s who often host their Micro Party here.

To keep you on your feet later in the night we have sets from Nick Stewart and Chris Murray.

£4 entry and loads more surprises to announce!

You can donate to Luna’s cause here –

The Moon Party, Henry’s Cellar Bar, 13th December, £4




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