Kirsten Adamson Releases Debut Album

Edinburgh based singer/songwriter Kirsten Adamson will release eponymous album on 6th November.

Kirsten Adamson
Photo by Jannica Honey

Kirsten Adamson will launch her debut album at Cabaret Voltaire on Friday 6th November.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign the album is in the can and ready to go.  Kirsten released EP “The Impossibilities” in the summer and is looking forward to releasing the full album this week.

I caught up with Kirsten recently…

A&A: You released “The Impossibilities” EP in the summer, are you looking forward to releasing a full album?

Kirsten Adamson: Yes I’m very much looking forward to the album release. It’s been almost a year since we first set foot in the studio to record it so I can’t wait to unveil it.

A&A: What is your music making process. Do you start with lyrics? Melodies, Instruments or a mixture?

KA:  I usually start with a cool chord progression on guitar and then play around with melodies and lyrics from there.

A&A: Did you enjoy making the album?

KA:  I absolutely loved creating this album. After the success of our Kickstarter campaign we had so much energy and drive to make an amazing album and I hope we have done the fans proud!

A&A: Are you looking forward to the launch at Cabaret Voltaire on Friday?

KA: The launch is going to be a blast. We’ve got a brand new electronica band called Blet Project playing along with, the incredible, King Eider. Followed by ‘Kirsten Adamson’ (the album) played in full.

A&A: What the plans for the rest of the year and 2016?

KA: The plans for the rest of 2015 are to promote the album and book tour dates for the new year. We have created such a cool live sound it has to be taken out on the road soon!

Kirsten was a guest on Shore Live in July.

Get yourself along to Cabaret Voltaire on Friday night (6th November) as it’s going to be a great night. You can buy tickets here

Kirsten Adamson, Cabaret Voltaire, 6th November, £11




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