Interview – VanIves – Debut EP ‘Let The Current Find Us’ out on 31st January

Interview – VanIves – Debut EP ‘Let The Current Find Us’ out on 31st January

We caught up with VanIves ahead of the release of their debut EP ‘Let The Current Find Us’ which comes out on 31st January. They play the CCA in Glasgow the same night.

A&A – Hello, VanIves! For those who don’t know VanIves tell us about the band?

VanIves – Well Stuart and I grew up together and last year we both ended up in Glasgow both out the other end of a former band, Stuart was writing music and playing virtuoso guitar and I was really getting into my music production so we just started making tunes together. From the start Its just been fun, like playing video games or playing basketball, we just have a laugh.

A&A – Where did the name come from?

VanIves – We used to go down to Cornwall to a town called St Ives when we were like 14. We always dreamed of being surfers but living in Southwest Scotland it always just stayed a dream and skateboarding was the closest we got. The van part I honestly don’t know, possibly the urge to just live out a transit.

A&A – 2018 has come and gone. You played a good few gigs and released 2 tracks in Corder & Positive. How was the year for you in terms of development?

VanIves – You learn so much everytime I suppose, from how we sound live to making a track sound as professional and honest as possible with a home setup. If anything releasing music and really pushing to be noticed has drawn our wee team together and allowed us to meet a bunch of cool folk. I guess it feels different from uploading beats onto Soundcloud or busking on your own because when we release music there’s a real buzz around the team.

A&A – You released a new single ‘Pyramids’ a couple of weeks ago. Tell us about the track?

VanIves – Pyramids has been with us since day 1. We were listening to a load of Bonobo, Talos, Sam Gellaitry.. these artists who build a track from nothing and let it pop off at the end, we always had this track in mind for live sets as well, we played this first on Strawberry Jam soundsystem to about 100 folk at our first show, The idea of using a reggae/dancehall system was so when the subs hit everyone got wacked with a bunch of sensations they didn’t know what to do with. Stuart really puts alot of passion into his singing, I like to think watching Pyramids live you get goosebumps.

A&A – ‘Pyramids’ is taken from your debut EP ‘Let The Current Find Us’. How excited are you to be getting this EP out?

VanIves – Ahhh man they arrive this week, we’re so hyped for this, It’s the start of what will hopefully be a long discography of tunes from Stuart and I, We had an album worth of music before this E.P. but we feel these tracks really have a ‘VanIves’ sound. We got them pressed on vinyl as well which has always been an ambition of the bands from the start. We are both proper fanboys when it comes to our favourite artists and really appreciate artefacts like Vinyl. (TICKET BUNDLES)

A&A – You’re having a launch party at CCA in Glasgow on 31st January. What should people expect from the live show?

VanIves – Theatrical pop star shit, ha, were really going for it, Stuart claims he’s gonna catch his guitar one-handed as he comes on stage, we’ve got confetti cannons, projection mapping, were even bringing Stuart’s upright piano in so he can look like fanny singing on top of it. There’s so much that could go wrong but we really want the show to be an experience.

A&A – The gig is part of the annual Celtic Connections Festival. Is there anything else you are looking forward to seeing?

VanIves – Leila Moss is supporting us and I have been a big fan of UNKLE for years whos tunes she features on, I’m super excited to meet her. Zoe Graham for sure, We also bagged ourselves some Tom Maguire and the Brassholes tickets, they look too jokes, can’t wait!

A&A – You have quite a mixed bag of tunes in your live set. Tell us who your influences are.

VanIves – It’s always changing to be fair, At the moment probably, Matt Corby, Dermot Kennedy, MJ COLE, London Grammar, Fatherson, Geotheory, Sam G, The 1975, Frank ocean.. man the list is endless. If anything we’re album guys.

A&A – What are the plans for 2019?

VanIves – 2019 we will, of course, release our new E.P. and off the back of that we’re going to do a short but packed tour of record stores around Scotland, Falkirk, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh that kind of thin. Then we’re going to be doing a lot of writing, recording and travelling around Scotland and plan to release a second E.P. at the start of summer. There will definitely be a few singles thrown into the works as well. Then it’s festival season which will be fun.

A&A – If you could describe your music in one song, what would it be?

VanIves – One song… can it be a mashup? London Grammar – Sights (Tourist version)
It’s a fun career to pursue but it’s very important to us to keep our heads in check, There’s too many stories of musicians losing sight and suffering to mental illnesses due to the anxiety, alcohol etc.. surrounding music.7

VanIves, CCA Glasgow, 31st January 2019. Tickets Vary




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