Interview – Neon Waltz

Neon Waltz will open Summer Session in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow on Saturday.

The Glasgow leg of Summer Sessions are underway. Neon Waltz will open up for Catfish & The Bottlemen on Saturday. We caught up with the guys ahead of the show to talk gigs, The SAY Award and the fact that they are not for Wick.

A&A – Hi, Neon Waltz, firstly, for people who haven’t heard the band could you tell us a little about you guys?

Neon Waltz – We’re a 6-piece band from Caithness, in the north of Scotland. We write songs to make people happy, and to make ourselves happy, of course.

A&A – Before we go any further, congratulations on your album ‘Strange Hymns’ making the longlist for the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Award. You must feel excited and proud about that?

NW – Yes, for sure. We’re all chuffed to see our album on it with such big names, and artists that we admire.

A&A – Other than yourselves, obviously, who are you tipping to take home the prize?

NW – We’ve been planning to listen to each album on the longlist on our next van journey so we can make a balanced decision, but at the moment I think the whole band bet on Young Fathers…well, judging by the amount that it gets played in the van!

A&A – You play Glasgow Summer Sessions at Bellahouston on 25th August with Catfish & The Bottlemen. It’s a stunning line-up with Twin Atlantic, Peace, DMA’s, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes also playing. Are you looking forward to it?

NW – Really looking forward to it. It’s on a big stage with a Glaswegian audience. I’m sure it’ll be mad.

A&A – Of the other bands on the bill who are you most looking forward to seeing?

NW – Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes. One of our old tour managers used to work with them, and we’ve heard they’re amazing live. We toured a little with the DMA’s so it’ll be nice to catch them again.

A&A – You are originally from Wick and regularly billed as Scotland’s most northerly band? When you were starting out what kind of logistical challenges did you face?

NW – None of us have ever lived in Wick, although we all stay within 15 miles of it. Our singer and guitarist (Jordan & Swannie) did rent a house there for 3 weeks last year, but got kicked out, so that’s the closest we’ve come to living in Wick. Because we still live in the far north we face still face the same challenges. Lots of traveling and lots of time away from home, but we knew what we had let ourselves in for so we’ll struggle on!

A&A – As well as the aforementioned ‘Strange Hymns ‘ you released an EP ‘Bring Me To The Light’. What are your plans for future recording?

NW – We’re hoping to be in the studio in September/October to record new material. We’ve plenty of home recordings that need to be taken to the next stage.

A&A – After Summer Sessions are there plans to get out on the road?

NW – Not really no. We’re off to England the weekend after to Bingley festival, then we’ll be back home to write and record new songs for the second album.

A&A – If you could describe Neon Waltz in one song, what would it be?

NW – If we’re talkin’ about a Neon Waltz song to sum us up I’d say Perfect Frame – it’s got all the classic NW highs & lows plus it’s the right amount of fiddly & euphoric. If you mean someone else’s then The Long & Winding Road.