Getting To Know/Track Of The Week – Berta Kennedy – I’m Good

This week’s Alive & Amplified Track Of The Week is ‘I’m Good’ from Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and producer Berta Kennedy. We took the opportunity to have a chat with her to find out about the new single and what she’s upto in the next few months.

Hi Berta Kennedy, firstly, for those who don’t know you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hey! Thanks for having me. I’m a producer/singer-songwriter from Greenock living in Edinburgh. My music can be described as indie-pop/pop-rock, maybe even RnB at times! I produce and write all my tunes and have an awesome band who recreate my songs for live shows.

You have just released your new single ‘I’m Good’. Tell us about the new tune.

‘I’m Good’ is a break-up song, to put it simply! My favourite thing about it is its focus on self-improvement and empowerment, although it also has a bit of a sassy undertone. The chorus, for example, basically says: ‘I’m not gonna shit-talk about you, I’m doing well, I’m all good, hope you are too’. In terms of the music, I made a mood-board playlist for the track which features songs from Rihanna’s Anti Album as well as tracks from the likes of PVRIS and Brockhampton. It has a weird indie-RnB mix. This is most present when you hear the processed vocals over chopped up live rock drums (performed by amazing drummer Robbie Nicol). 

Everyone has had a tough time during the last couple of years, you managed to get out and play a few gigs last year. How were they? Did you notice an impact with COVID restrictions?

Playing gigs again after being deprived of that privilege has definitely made me more appreciative. I found new motivation to elevate my live sound once concerts were allowed because I had plenty time to focus on BK releases during the lockdown. So, I’d say the impact was weirdly beneficial for me.

Now it looks like we are over the worst of it (Fingers crossed) and gigs are back tell us what you have coming up? 

I have my own headline 1st of March with support from Katie Gregson-MacLeod and NANI at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh. I also have a couple of TBC supports and a sofar sounds show! TICKETS

What are your music influences now and was music a big part of your childhood? What do you remember listening to? 

I consider my style to be defined by the music I grew up with, specifically the music my sisters listened to when I was a teenager; one sister was into rock and the other was a huge hip-hip RnB fan. I hear my music now and without meaning it I blend those genres so equally, it’s strange. Think Linkin Park meets Beyoncé.

Tell us about your songwriting process and what the live show is like

My songwriting process is different every time. I’m quite thankful that I’m not constricted by a specific process or ritual or anything! I really enjoy a challenge when it comes to how a tune gets started. I’m really proud of the live sound my band brings to stage. It’s all live and they recreate songs that I’ve flung together in my bedroom. It’s cool because the audience gets a different version of my songs when they see a live show. I’m very thankful for my band.

We love discovering new music here at Alive & Amplified. Who should we be adding to our Spotify playlists? 

My favourites just now: Katie Mackie’s new tune ‘Nothing Without You’, ‘Radiate’ by Maranta and ‘A Plant is my friend’ by Manchester rapper Benny Grillz who now resides in Edinburgh.

What’s your dream collab?

Stanley Odd, Zoe Graham or Man of Moon.

What are your plans for the rest of 2022? 

To keep gigging and releasing!
I’ve got lots of collaborative projects I’m passionate about on the go just now and I’m also hoping to record in a studio with the band for the first time. Exciting stuff.

If you could describe Berta Kennedy with one song (Not your own) What would it be? 

That’s such a hard question hahaha. I’m just going to go with the song that’s had the most influence on me for the last few months which is ‘No Halo’ by Brockhampton.