Getting To Know – OAKLND

Getting To Know – OAKLND

West Lothian’s OAKLND first really came to our attention when he supported A&A favourite SHEARS at her first headline show at Sneaky Pete’s in June.

He then released a new track ‘Good 4 Me’ which we loved.   After a busy August away from the blog I decided it was time to get to know OAKLND a little better so we arranged a few questions.

A&A – Hi OAKLND, For those who have heard of you yet tell us a little bit about yourself?  
OAKLND – ok so I’m OAKLND and I’m a multi-instrumentalist. I mostly write breezy sad pop songs. I’m from West Lothian, which is actually kinda cool to say now because of Lewis Capaldi and The Snuts

A&A – Where does the name come from?  
OAKLND – When I first started doing this i kinda knew I wanted the name to be after a place and just over a year ago i went to California for a bit. I went to Oakland and it was a super cool city, really cool vibe, I really wanted to have that affinity to it. I really like the way the name looked too, the aesthetics were really important for me at the start, I think that’s such a big part of being an artist

A&A – You have a few new tracks out online just now including your latest single ‘Good 4 Me’ which we loved here at A&A. How would you describe your music?  
OAKLND – sad pop. this whole thing started when I went to California and I wanted it to all sound super chill and kind of convey the vibe out there in the songs I was putting out. But more recently I really wanted it to be more personal so it’s definitely more sad indie pop. CLASH called it “breezy yacht pop” which was really cool

A&A – Being a solo electronic artist, what is your songwriting and recording process?   OAKLND – everything I’ve got out basically started in my spare room. It’s really cool being able to write anywhere though as long as I’ve got my laptop and a midi keyboard. Mostly I’ll write the music and then add the lyrics, once I’ve got something I’m happy with I’ll go work with someone on it. I’ve worked with a couple of different producers, Mark Morrow, and Chad Male, they’re both super talented. It’s a really cool process sitting down with someone else and talking about it and seeing it develop.    

A&A – We love live music here at A&A. How would you describe your live show?  
OAKLND – Kinda stripped back maybe, my friend Blair plays drums for me on a pad. I do Vocals, keys and guitar. We try and do as much of it live as we can. I kinda like it with only 2 of us though, I think its a really cool vibe.    

A&A – You supported another A&A Fave SHEARS at Sneaky Pete’s at the start of the summer. How was that and are there any other local acts you are excited about?
OAKLND –  She’s super talented, her voice is insane and it was really cool to hear some of the stuff she’s not put out yet. definitely looking forward to hearing more of that come out.   Mark that’s produced some of my stuff is in a band called Folda who are kinda dark pop, it’s really cool. Indigo Velvet have done some big shows recently too so super hyped to see what they’re gonna be doing the rest of this year/next    

A&A – Who are your musical inspirations?  
OAKLAND – LANY, The 1975, Lauv – lots of really good songwriters. I think it’s amazing how bands like LANY and The 1975 have kinda pushed the boundaries of what pop music can be as well    

A&A – Who would be your dream collaboration?  
OAKLND – Matt Healy, LANY, Julia Michaels – there’s so many. Matt Healy already done some really really cool stuff with Pale Waves and No Rome and Julia Michaels is one of the best songwriters around, they’re all so so talented, I take a lot of inspiration from them.  

A&A – What are your plans for the rest of the year and into 2020?
OAKLND – I’m hoping to get another live show in this year and I’ve just started writing a bunch of singles I’m gonna put out next year. I’m gonna put out more music and do more live shows next year than I’ve done before, I’d love to some festivals too.    

A&A – If you could describe OAKLND which one song, what would it be?
OAKLND – Hurts Like Hell, I remember writing it and working on the prod with Chad, it just felt like a bop but also kinda personal.




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