Getting To Know – Go To Girl

Getting To Know – Go To Girl

We love when something pops up on a Spotify playlist that we love. We like it, even more, when that band is a new Scottish band who sound great. This happened with Go To Girl, from Edinburgh, a couple of weeks. With their new single being officially launched on Sunday at King Tuts we thought it would be a good time to get to know them. And they have let us have the first play of the lyric video for ‘Shake’

A&A – Hi, Go To Girl. For those who don’t know you tell us about the band.

AMY – We are an indie/pop/rock quartet comprising of Amy, Angus, Anna and Mike. We all work in music already in some way or another which is how we all know each other, Scotland’s music scene is a pretty small world! Doing music for a living is hard and Go To Girl is a pretty good release for that. Personally, for me it’s just great to be doing music for fun again and not just for work.

A&A – You guys are pretty new. How’s it been going so far?

AMY – We’ve only had 3 gigs so far in Perth, Dundee and Edinburgh, and it’s been great! We’ve been writing and rehearsing so long it’s good to just finally be out there and performing.

A&A – Your debut single ‘Shake’ is available on Spotify now and it’s properly launched at King Tuts on Sunday 4th August. Tell us about the track.

AMY – ‘Shake’ came together when I decided I wanted to write music that was more like what I enjoyed listening to. I’d been doing the singer-songwriter thing for years and I wasn’t really feeling it anymore. It’s so great to be making music in a team instead of alone and I love seeing people to dance to our music! The song itself is about that initial high when you first start seeing someone and just wanting to spend all your time with them.

A&A – What are the songwriting and recording processes?

AMY – It kind of varies, sometimes I’ll come up with an idea and bring it to the band. Other times Mike might send me a riff he’s made up and I’ll write around that. Generally, we just like to mess around with ideas in rehearsal and figure out what sounds good as a band. We all have such mixed influences so it makes for quite an interesting sound!

A&A – Playing King Tuts is a great achievement for any band. You must be super excited to be playing their so early in your career?

AMY – I still can’t quite figure out how we managed it but we are so excited. I’ve always wanted to play there and feel very lucky to be doing it so soon with the band.

A&A We love music from Scotland. Who have you been listening to lately?

AMY: As a band we are all big supporters of Vukovi and Apache Darling, both awesome live. I’m really into The Lafontaines, Moonlight Zoo and Indigo Velvet at the moment too. Really looking forward to hearing some new stuff from Be Charlotte as I love a good pop song.

A&A – Who are your biggest influences?

AMY – I am a massive Tegan & Sara fan, they had a huge influence on my songwriting during my teenage years. Nowadays I’m influenced by loads of
different artists – Fickle Friends, Haim, Sigrid and The 1975 to name a few.
Although we all have quite different tastes, as a band we are all collectively
influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Biffy Clyro. Influences from the rest of the guys include Don Broco, Foy Vance and Mark Lettieri.

A&A – If you could support any band on a tour who would it be?

AMY – At the moment I’d have to say Paramore. I was obsessed with their
‘After Laughter’ album when it came out. Having grown up listening to them I’ve always been able to relate to their lyrics especially their latest release which focuses on mental health issues, something I have struggled with myself. We’d also really love to play a show with Vukovi, we’re all big fans of them.

A&A – What are your plans for 2019 & beyond?

AMY – Before the end of the year we are hoping to bring out another single which we are recording with Mark Morrow really soon, he also recorded and produced ‘Shake’. We’ve got a few gigs lined up after Tuts and we really just want to get our music out there a bit more. Next year it’d be awesome to get on some festival line ups and maybe release an EP. We’re just open to all the opportunities!




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