Getting To Know – Fauves

We are absolutely buzzing that come the end of the month we will be back in a field. Playground Festival takes place at Rouken Glen Park on the outskirts of Glasgow on 24-26 September with headliners The Libertines, Boy George & Culture Club, and Nile Rodgers & Chic. As we love to focus on Scottish Talent we had a catch-up with Fauves, who play on Friday.

A&A – Hello, Fauves. How are you and for people who don’t know you yet tell us a little bit about yourself?

Fauves – We’re great thanks for asking! We are a 7 piece band from East Kilbride and the south side of Glasgow, we like to make tunes that folk can dance to and find some escape with.

A&A – We don’t want to focus too much on the past 18 months as we are now getting out of it but how are you all after the pandemic?

Fauves – We’re all good, been a bit of a slow burn for us over the last 18 months with sporadic releases and missing playing together as a band, but we’re absolutely buzzing to be out in the wild again with lots of new music and gigs just around the corner.

A&A – Gigs and festivals are back! Here at A&A, we are buzzing. You’re playing at Playground Festival in September. How excited are you to be getting back on a stage and especially at a festival?

Fauves – We can’t wait for Playground, some of us grew up cutting about Rouken Glen park where the festival is held and we got the privilege to play the first Playground festival in 2019, so it feels like home to us and it’s such a special one to make our live return at after covid alongside some absolutely incredible artists

A&A – It’s an amazing line-up. Who will you be checking out when you aren’t on stage?

Fauves – There’s a lot of top acts there so it’s tough to choose between some of the inevitable clashes, but the main ones that we can’t wait to see have to be Orbital, Nile Rogers and Chic, Kelis, Roisin Murphy and Optimo.

A&A – Other than Playground what gigs have you got coming up as a band and as gig goers?

Fauves – Well we sadly lost our first festival at Doune The Rabbit Hole to covid restrictions, which was a bit of a sore one to take. We’ve plans for a couple of other shows before the year is out, but we will talk more on this soon… xoxo

A&A – Who are your influences?

Fauves – We could name a million haha, individually there are so many but in terms of the music we make and our live set, we probably pull the most from 90’s hip hop and R&B, modern acts like Tame Impala, Parcels, UMO, house music as a pretty broad church, and older stuff like Bee Gees, Chic and Steely Dan.

A&A – What should people expect from your live show?

Fauves – A cramped stage, lots of dancing, a few chickie guitars and a few ooh babies.

A&A – What’s the plans for the rest of this year and into 2022

Fauves – We’re finally just about ready to unload two years’ worth of recordings of three years’ worth of songs. As independent artists who all work full time, it can take years for a project to reach the level which it deserves, but we’ve finally reached a milestone that we’re happy with. You’ll hear all of that and moreover the coming months, and next year we’ll take it out on the road for real. xxx

A&A – We love discovering new music here at A&A – who should be adding to our playlists?

Fauves – You should check out Canadian artist Jex Opolis. We’re right into him, kind of 80s tinged house/electro with great, Phil Oakey esque vocals. His new stuff is out and out dancefloor bangers. Our pal Snack Villain is doing bits right now as well. He sounds like Underworld meets slacker rock, but the tunes absolutely do not slack. Shout out to the big homie Hannymoon also – if you like wavy wee trap bops with a psyched out attitude, he is your man.

A&A – If you could describe Fauves with one song (not your own) what would it be?

Fauves – Low Rider – War

Playground Festival takes place in Rouken Glen Park on 24-26 September – GET TICKETS

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