Getting to know – Dead Artist Club

Getting to know – Dead Artist Club

One of my favourite things about Spotify (other streaming platforms do exist, apparently) is how easy it is to share tracks with friends, colleges, family etc. Last week I got a text (say this as if you’re in Love Island please) saying “I am really liking this from Dead Artist Club“. I hadn’t heard of them and when I found out they were from Edinburgh I got in touch and asked if they fancied doing a Q&A for A&A. They did and here it is…

A&A – Hi, Dead Artist Club. For those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about yourself

Dead Artist Club – Hey! Thanks for the interview. We are Lauren Black & Lorne Black who form the Pop Grunge band, Dead Artist Club. We are both students in Edinburgh studying art and music business.

A&A – What do you sound like and what are your musical influences?

Lauren – As far as what we sound like we don’t really know, we’ve tried to sound as different as possible. Everyone thinks it’s more of an 80’s/90’s sound, which is cool. We listen to a lot of genres like blues, house, metal, charts and rock. So all that in a melting pot. Right now we’re super into Pastel Ghost, Bring Me The Horizon & Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A&A – Where did you get the name Dead Artist Club?

Lorne – Band names are really hard to come up with and we have always thought that “Dead Poet Society” would have been a great name. But to give the name some meaning we’d have to say that it’s to do with our passion for art, in music, on a canvas or through a lens and working ourselves to death for the love of it.

A&A – I was sent ‘New Year’ recently and instantly loved it. Tell us about the track.

Lorne – We were at Lauren’s house to start recording our next track. On our way back from a shop she read a traffic sign out loud but with a melody to it. It’s so weird but that was the melody of our bass intro to the song. Once we recorded some drums and guitar we thought it was a definite keeper, despite its odd conception. It’s a track you can bounce to like any club banger but also shout the lyrics too and rock out with. Really bass driven and moody. Lyrically it was about celebrating new year, making big plans about your life, but starting those plans hungover or worse.

A&A – I am going to be totally honest, until last week I didn’t know very much about you guys. What have you been up to the last few months?

Lauren – We’ve been busy writing a new EP after being ‘Single of the Week’ for BBC Radio Scotland last January. It’s been 2 steps forward and 3 steps back sometimes but it’s still going really well. We’ve recorded in a couple of studios, then started to feel like us recording it all ourselves is what’s making our songs and style. So we’ve built our own studio and have been making a lot of new material, music videos, merch, and some other pretty cool things in the works for 2019.

A&A – How did you guys meet?

Lorne – We met each other through Instagram. I was on a music thread and found a video of her playing piano and singing, the name was Lauren.C.Black. It was really weird but funny since my name is Lorne.C.Black.

Lauren – He sent me a track he had been working on, after hearing it I thought it was definitely something I would want to write for and make into a band.

A&A – What is your songwriting and recording process?

Lauren – Normally we both have riffs or melodies, then Lorne records it all and makes it into a full song. I’ll be thinking of lyrics while he takes a few days to make up the song. Then we hash out how it’s sung in a vocal booth.

Lorne – For writing, it has to really stand out, sometimes it’s fun and easy whilst other times you really have to grind at it to make it sound as close as possible to what is in our heads.

A&A – We love new music from Scotland. Who has been on your radar recently?

Lauren – Sadly we don’t know many bands here. We hear a lot about bands like Indigo Velvet or Fatherson, but mostly Single by Sunday since my brother plays bass in that band.

A&A – What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Lorne – To get our new EP out and start playing some bigger shows. Hopefully, before 2020 we’ll be on the road playing all over the UK and have the right management for us.

A&A – If you could describe Dead Artist Club with one song, what would it be?

Lorne – Definitely Bad Dreams. It’s been a mark we’ve been aiming to beat since it’s debut. It really took us by surprise how well received that song was. Simple, catchy and in our unique sound




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