Getting To Know – Cara Rose

I first saw Cara Rose at the Wide Days festival Takeover in the Mash House last year. Just her and a piano and it was glorious. Last month she released her debut single ‘Learn To Speak’ and I instantly fell in love with it. I gave her a shout and asked if she fancied doing one of these interviews and she did so here you are.

A&A – Hi Cara Rose. For those who don’t know, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello! I am twenty-two years young and a singer/songwriter from Glasgow. 

A&A – How long have you been playing music? Was music a big part of your childhood? What bands and artists do you remember hearing when you were young?
Cara Rose – From as long as I can remember music has been in my life. My mum recalls me constantly babbling along to the radio as a baby and I guess as soon as I could speak I was making up my own tunes. Both my parents are very creative so I grew up going along to music festivals and having music played around the house. I remember hearing a lot of Joan Armatrading, Joss Stone, Nina Simone and Fleetwood Mac when I was young. All of which I feel have definitely inspired my own songwriting and helped me develop my own sound.

A&A – You have just released your debut single ‘Learn To Speak’. We absolutely love it here at A&A. Tell us about the song?
CR – Thank you! I wrote the song a few years back when I was going through some turmoil with someone close to me. It’s about us not being able to see eye to eye and constantly butting heads, which in turn creates a nasty environment and strain on the relationship. It’s about how we communicate with one another and how we should learn to speak properly. I’m sure most people can relate to the subject of the song, we are all guilty of not expressing ourselves in the best manner. So aye, learning to speak.

A&A – Who are your influences?
CR – I am very much inspired by music from the soul. Lyrics that scream emotion and honesty. Just to name a few, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and John Martyn.

A&A – ‘Learn To Speak’ is just you and a piano. Should we expect similar for future releases?
CR – You should expect just that.. and then more… 

A&A – Do you have any live dates lined up?
CR – Next up, I have a headline show in June*, we shall we announcing that very soon so for now I shall keep the details hush hush.
*This interview was conducted before the coronavirus outbreak

A&A – If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
CR – Oaft the list is long. I would love to collaborate with Leon Bridges, I think we could make some very sweet sounds. I am also a big fan of Lianne La Havas, maybe if i ever get so lucky.

A&A – We love finding new music here at A&A. What have you been listening to recently?
As mentioned above, I’ve been loving Leon Bridges for a while. His tone and soul in his music is just exciting. His album Coming Home is a regular soundtrack to my days. His more recent release Texas Sun, he collaborated with Khruangbin on this EP, is just lovely. So definitely have a listen if you haven’t already.

A&A – What are your plans for the rest of 2020
CR – Well i’m so buzzing to say this is the year of releases for me. I have several single releases and an EP that will be dropped towards the end of the year. I feel like it’s been a long time coming but I guess we are here and the journey has begun. Regarding the live side of it, I have a few festivals booked in over summer including Eden Festival and Doune The Rabbit Hole and will have a headline show in the summertime.

A&A – If you could describe Cara Rose with any song, what would it be and why?
CR – Yellow by Coldplay. No one will truly understand my love for the colour yellow