Getting To Know – Becca Starr

At Alive & Amplified we are always excited to hear new and innovative music so when we heard Becca Starr’s ‘First Step’ we decided to have a chat. 2020 was a weird year for everyone but how was it for an artist just starting out?

Alive & Amplified – Hi Becca, For those who don’t know already tell us about yourself.
Becca Starr – Aw Hiya! I’m an all-round musician from Scotland, I self-produce and engineer all my music in my home studio. I’ve sang professionally for more than half my life and moved into rap in 2018, after doing it behind closed doors for years! I have very blue hair, like my beloved Scottish flag and I drink earl grey tea by the pint. Nice to meet you! 

A&A – We can’t do this without mentioning the ongoing pandemic. How have you been the last year and have you been keeping busy?
BS – It’s been a tough time. I’ve tried to keep occupied with producing music and writing for other people over the lockdown. But, I admit, I’ve played equally as much Playstation! Just trying to stay occupied and positive, as live music restrictions in Scotland have been very unforgiving.

A&A – You have released a new song ‘First Step’ tell us about it
BS – First Step is the first single released from the upcoming album ‘Speak No Evil’. It’s a very energetic track! It’s essentially a big argument between some aspects of my personality that have a given voice throughout the whole album. It’s a track about coming to terms with things you may not like about yourself or your current circumstances. And the importance of being wholeheartedly devoted to, and motivating yourself into, manifesting change. It also got a filthy groove and will make you want to shake your booty. So that’s good!

A&A – Who are your influences in music?
BS – My biggest influences are Portishead, Unkle, Gorillaz and Gotye. There’s a zillion others, but I feel I can hear their influence most prevalently in my music

A&A – How have your plans changed in the last 12 months with lockdown? and how difficult is it being a relatively new artist right now?
BS – I had plans to never stop gigging this year, as many gigs as possible with my brilliant backing band. Not sure when we’ll be able to take to the stage now. I have a lovely and loyal following in Scotland, was excited to take the live show all over the U.K and anywhere else I could get! But all musicians are in the same situation. We’re having to adapt. Take things online. Thankfully, working with In Black Records, they allow me the creative freedom to produce my own music videos and such, as I have a keen interest in videography. So instead of gigging, I’m currently planning and preparing for music videos and varying album content, to hopefully keep everyone engaged and interested… and stop myself from being bored to death! 

A&A – I am fascinated by the Scottish hip hop scene. Who are some of your recommendations?
BS – There’s a lot of great artists out there in Scottish Hip Hop. Check out Stanley Odd if you’ve not already! Dave Hook the frontman of Stanley Odd is our shining example of excellence as far as I’m concerned. 

A&A – What was the last gig you were at?
BS – The last gig I attended was one of my showcase nights I used to run in Paisley at The Bungalow venue called ‘Tues Wisely’. Was a line-up of local up-and-coming talent. Miss it terribly!

A&A – What is your songwriting process?
BS – It varies. I tend to have music first and write about whatever I feel the sounds im creating are conveying conceptually/emotionally. Every once in a while a wee hook melody will come to me I have to build music round. No one method to the madness whatsoever.

A&A – It’s difficult to say right now, but what are the plans for 2021?
BS – I am releasing a new single and music video really soon and have a session with Sofar Sounds to record.

A&A – What song would you choose to describe yourself?
BS – ‘Running Up That Hill’ Kate Bush