Get To Know – Franky’s Evil Party

Get To Know – Franky’s Evil Party

Photo by Jannica Honey

Franky’s Evil Party will release their next single ‘PARADISE’ on Friday. We are delighted to bring you the premiere a couple of days before. We also had a chat with the guys to see what they are up to.

A&A – Hi Franky’s Evil Party. For those who don’t know, tell us about the band?

We are Franky’s Evil Party. We are a band. We play music. We enjoy playing our music and we like to dance.

A&A – Where does the band name come from?

The person that shouted it out forgot where it came from.

A&A – It’s rare these day’s to find new bands with such a distinct sound. How do you describe it?

It’s sonic. It’s loud. It’s a giant slug, morphing right over the top and suffocating everything. It’s the best ride we have experienced in our lives and we owe everything to it.

A&A – We are delighted to have the premiere of your latest single ‘ PARADISE’ tell us about the single?

It was recorded in Dumfries by Dave Miller at Circa16 Sound Recording. Dave is a creative and really great to record with. He is instrumental to the industry.

It was mixed and mastered by Blair Crichton at Fat Pigeon Productions whose work is really outstanding.

Everyone is striving for what they don’t have, and don’t have time to appreciate what they do have. The grass may look greener on the other side, but until you take a walk on that side and realise that it’s the same grass. We must push for more. We don’t owe anything.

A&A – You recently had your first gig down in London? Did you enjoy it?

Our brother Tom from the mighty YOWL kindly invited us down to the Brixton Windmill to headline the second instalment of ‘YOWL PRESENTS’. He was a gracious host and we enjoyed our time in London.

A&A – Wide Days is just around the corner. You were chosen to play one of just 7 showcases? You must be pretty proud of that/ Are you looking forward to Wide Days and where can people get tickets to your free showcase?

Yes. We are honoured. We are grateful for being chosen to play. Wide Days is a great platform to be playing. You can register for a free ticket via the link found on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. – TICKETS

A&A – I have mentioned before about your distinct sound. What are your influences?

A lot of dance. A lot of disco. Life. Passion. The place we are. The place we are going.

Many things.

A&A – There has been a little bit controversy over your tattoos? What happened there?

Football, religion and politics do not belong in our music. A tattoo on someone’s body or the way someone looks has absolutely nothing to do with music. Leave it at the door. No Surrender.

A&A – After the EP & Wide Days what are the plans for summer and the rest of 2019?

The PARTY moves in all directions. There are quite a few upcoming shows. After Wide Days we look forward to playing the Stag and Dagger Festival in May, We are writing constantly. We are playing constantly. It never stops.

A&A – If you could describe Franky’s Evil Party in one song, what would it be?


Franky’s Evil Party, La Belle Angele, Wide Days, 12 April, FREETickets




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