Conor Heafey – You Better Drive – Premiere

Shimmying into 2020 with a burst of glitter, Conor Heafey takes us back to the golden age of the 80’s in the form of new cut ‘You Better Drive’. I can guarantee you this catchy chorus will be bouncing around your mind for weeks, leaving you with no option but to jump on the Heafey bandwagon and dance away your troubles. 

Adding a brand new dimension to Conor’s already eclectic back catalogue, this new single shows Conor’s extreme versatility as a writer, after the soft melancholy of the You Got Time/Landfill and the swagger of Long Since Yesterday, ‘You Better Drive’ is just what you need to get you back into feeling those good weather vibes

A&A –  Hi Conor, for those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Conor Heafey –  Hi! I am a singer-songwriter and self producer originally from the Black Isle in the highlands now based in Glasgow. I like to make easy listening, catchy pop songs.

A&A – We are delighted to have the premiere of your new single ‘You Better Drive’ Tell us about the single?
CH –  This new track is an upbeat number I wrote with aims of Summer vibes and sunshine, something to stick on when you’re driving about. When I was writing the song I wasn’t thinking too much about the content when it came to lyrics but reflecting on them I’d say the song is about letting go of insecurities and worries and just doing what you want to.

A&A –  How long have you been playing music? Was music a big part of your childhood? What bands and artists do you remember hearing when you were young?
CH – I’ve been playing since I was pretty young, not sure how long exactly. I remember when my Granny bought me my first guitar and then I spent 2 months learning Don Mclean’s American Pie. Guitar was always my main aim but in primary school, I took lessons for euphonium (think mini tuba) which I did for a few years. I still think they only gave me that hulking instrument because I was a fat kid. Back then I was pretty in to rock n’ roll as most beginner guitarists are, I remember listening to lots of AC DC, Guns n Roses, Van Halen, all the clichés basically. All miles away from what I do now funnily enough.

A&A – Who are your musical influences?
CH – This has always been a hard question for me; my music is kinda like a big melting pot and it really depends on what I’ve been listening to at the time. I seem to get compared to Mac Demarco which is easy to see with the chorusy guitars and laid back style but that’s something I’ve been edging away from recently. Songwriting-wise I would say I take influence from some of the catchy hits from the 80s; think Simply Red, Prince etc. I do love a catchy hook.

A&A – You were supposed to have a single launch party this weekend but obviously due to the current situation that has been postponed. How are you keeping active during this weird time?
CH –  Yeah it’s a real shame. So many super shows cancelled, unfortunately, all for the greater good though. I’ve been enjoying the time off so far, I usually keep myself busy so I’m not bored crazy yet. Just now I’ve been working on some mad karaoke styled backing tracks for a live stream I’m going to do in place of my launch show. Going to go live on Saturday 8pm, make sure you tune in!
Other than that I’m planning on writing a lot of new stuff, maybe start learning a new language. It’s gonna be great!

A&A – If you could collaborate with one artist or producer, who would it be and why?
CH –  Maybe Josh Homme? I think it would just be cool to go and hang out in the desert with him for a while. I would be interested to see what kind of music would come out of that collab actually.

A&A – What is your writing and recording process? 
CH – I write and record all my stuff at home in my little studio. I’ve played in bands before and I do like the collaboration side of that but with my own music I like having control over everything.
When I’m writing I always start with the music which usually inspires the lyrics. When I’ve finished the song I’ll usually record a crappy demo just so I can work out all the parts and when that’s done I record it all again for real!

A&A – We love discovering new music here at A&A. What have you been listening to?
CH –  I’ve been playing the new Andy Shauf record a lot in anticipation for his Glasgow show, but that’ll have to wait until August now. Other than that I’ve been listening to some Khruangabin, TOPS and Benny Sings recently.

A&A – After we are back to some kind of normality what are your plans for 2020
CH – It’s so hard to say just now with all the uncertainty of when normality will come. Having missed out on the mini-tour we had planned I would like to go and play those shows when all is back up and running. I think a few singles will come out of this self-isolation also so I’ll likely release a few tracks before the end of the year.

A&A – If you could describe yourself in one song what would it be and why?
CH –  Break My Stride – Mathew Wilder. I like to think that I am as positive and upbeat as Mathew Wilder is in this song

You Better Drive’ is out everywhere on 27th March.