Catching Up With LaKyoto

Catching Up With LaKyoto

Edinburgh’s LaKyoto will play their biggest headline show in Edinburgh on Saturday so we took this opportunity to catch up with them to see how 2019 has been.

A&A – Hello Lakyoto, for those who don’t know you, introduce us to the band.
LaKyoto – Hi team! We’re LaKyoto and we’re a 4-piece electronic pop band from Edinburgh.

A&A – Where does the band name come from?
LaKyoto – We knew we wanted a city in our band name and Kyoto was the perfect fit: the old capital of Japan has many similarities to Edinburgh, particularly in its preservation of pre-war architecture and its blend of beautiful nature and industrial landscape. Heard there’s a cracking Greggs in the city centre as well. We also then added La so we didn’t sound like a cheap clothing range at Primark.

A&A – You are playing a home town show in Edinburgh this weekend. How much are you looking forward to it and what can the crowd expect?
LaKyoto – We’re absolutely buzzing for it! This is the biggest show we’ve ever attempted and we want the audience to feel like it is as well. Fans can expect all the classics, some new material and Kyle wearing the biggest pair of DMs you’ve ever seen in your life.

A&A – You’ve released 3 new songs so far in 2019. What is your songwriting and recording process?
LaKyoto – We write all of our songs together, as we want to make sure everyone is included from the very beginning to get good ideas down and move forward from there. Whenever we get the bones of a song down, we strip it right back to guitar and vocals to see if it stands up on its own before adding all the electronic elements. We spend the entire week working on a couple of songs at a time so that we have plenty of solid material to choose from when it comes to recording our next run of singles.

A&A – And who are your musical influences?
LaKyoto – A healthy diet of Everything Everything, Foals, Fenech Soler, Honne and DJ Alligator

A&A – We love discovering new music here at Alive & Amplified. Who have you been listening to recently?
LaKyoto – We’re all about Foals new album at the moment, but as for local talent, we can’t see past Retro Video Club and Vistas who are totally smashing it and putting Edinburgh on the map. Shoutout to the boys in Dictator and Velvet who are supporting us at our headline shows this week.

A&A – We last worked together at Off The Record which is a music showcase event in Edinburgh. How important do you think these kind of shows are to up and coming bands?
LaKyoto – These events are so important for up and coming artists as the information on offer at all of the seminars and talks is invaluable. It’s a perfect and unique opportunity to network and get up close and personal with some really influential names in the industry. Artists might not pick up any bookings from attending these events but at least making people aware that you actually exist within the industry is an important aspect moving forward.

A&A – If you could collaborate with 1 artist or producer, who would it be?
LaKyoto – We wouldn’t mind a falsetto-off with Everything Everything, even though they’d absolutely slaughter us. Maybe a dance-off instead? Reckon we could take them at the slosh.

A&A – What are your plans for the rest of 2019 & 2020
LaKyoto – We’ve been building up to our two headline shows for months so we’re super excited to play them both. After that it’s planning the release schedule for next year, booking shows, writing music, finishing watching Mindhunter, applying for help to buy ISA…

A&A – If you could describe Lakyoto in one song, what would it be? 
LaKyoto – Darius – Colourblind




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