Ava Love Interview – 18th July 2017

Ava Love Interview – 18th July 2017

Ava Love play King Tuts Summer Nights on Friday 21st July. Alive & Amplified caught up with them before the gig.

Ava Love

Edinburgh 5-piece Ava Love will headline King Tuts for the first time on Friday night (21st July) as part of the venues run of Summer Nights gigs. They released latest single ‘Chophouse’ a couple of weeks back as a follow up to 2016’s ‘Subterranean’.

Alive & Amplified caught up with Rory & Jack to talk about the new single, the gig, influences and the future for Ava Love.

For people who haven’t heard Ava Love before give us a quick summary of the band?

We are a 5 piece from Edinburgh, taking influences from New Wave/Art pop artists and 80s pop culture. We live by the motto ‘Megatron must be stopped….no matter the cost’

‘Chophouse’ was released a couple of weeks ago? Tell us about the new song?

Definitely one of our heavier tracks, we liked the idea of it being the dramatic finally song to an 80s action movie. It is one of our favourites to play live so we were really excited to release it and see how people react to it on record.

The video was released last week. Where was this filmed and did you enjoy the process?

Yeah it was great, we basically got two beautiful people, a camera man, and a few bottles of Argentina Mendosa Malbec, and let the magic happen. seriously…

You’ve been recording with Stephen Watkins, what was that like and what can Ava Love fans expect to come from the recording sessions?

Stephen Watkins can only be described as a mad scientist genius of music production, Like ‘Rick’ from ‘Rick and Morty’. Much better looking though, and wearing fabulous suits. He gave us a general rule that when we listened back to our takes if we weren’t dancing, laughing or crying we weren’t done yet. There were no restraints in the studio which was really refreshing as musicians; we were allowed to experiment with no inhibitions. We are pumped with the results.

80’s pop music is an obvious inspiration in your music with comparisons being made to Simple Minds & INXS. Were these and other similar bands influences in writing and recording?

Absolutely, the music getting played in the studio whilst recording was a lot of early Simple Minds, INXS, Wang Chung, ABC, and then a lot of synth wave as well. These bands sort of set the tone for the kind of album we wanted to make. The production style of Trevor Horn was also very influential when it came to the sound of the album we were making. We wanted to make something ambitious and dynamic that captured the energy of those 80s records we loved but in a modern and current way.

What is your songwriting process?

6am start. Miami Vice on the projector. Every instrument we can get our hands on packed into the room. We jam for a while, enter Stephen Watkins armed with a mic and a clipboard. Screaming and telling us we all suck apart from Fergus, he likes Fergus. This continues until the song is done. Usually about 48 hours per track. Every bar has been scrutinised until we are all questioning our life choices. Eventually, it sounds like a song.

You are playing King Tuts on Friday night (21st July) as part of their Summer Nights run of gigs. Are you looking forward to the gig?

Hell Yeah. It’s our first time playing Tuts as AVA LOVE, always been a favourite venue of ours to watch bands in so it’s exciting to get to play. You always get a good crowd in Glasgow, WE ARE PUMPED.

What’s your favourite gig you have seen at King Tuts as punters?

We saw ‘Little Comets’ there a couple years ago after our drummer Jack had guested on their album, that was pretty amazing. Great vibe in the venue, and really cool to see such a professional outfit do their thing. Sadly jacks drum sticks remained in his pocket that night.

We also saw Lewis Capaldi there early on in his career, that was really cool. What a voice!

Are there any other Scottish bands that have caught your attention recently?

St.Martiin’s, Indigo Velvet, Boohoohoo, and The Vegan Leather. We saw them all a couple weeks ago, all really exciting bands.

What are the plans for the rest of 2017 & beyond?

We will be releasing more tracks later in the year and touring. Excited to get out of the studio and playing live.

Ava Love + Other Humans + Victoria’s Flight + Walt’s Disco, King Tuts, Glasgow, 21st July, £10




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