A Light Through The Virus – 8 – 31/03/2020

These were never ever going to be nightly. Last night I felt bad that I hadn’t posted over the weekend but I put way too much pressure on myself to do stuff like this. It should be enjoyable and not about my own self-worth. I listened to Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place’ Podcast today. She was “joined” by Russel Brand and it really struck home about what we should be prioritising at this time. I would definitely recommend having a listen – Here.

How was everyone’s weekend? Around 3 pm on Friday, I had conceited that it wasn’t going to be a weekend. I thought I will do some work keep myself busy and get through it. However, it turned out to be pretty fun and was more like a normal weekend than I thought. Who knew video calling your mates until 3 am would feel so normal. What is normal anymore? This might end up being more normal than we ever thought.

Before I go onto some recommendations of what you should check out with all the spare time you have I need to give a shout out to the absolute hero that is Jenn Nimmo-Smith. I know Jenn through her work for Electric Shores Music Publicity however this week Jenn made the news by setting up a scheme to get as many tech devices into care homes so elderly residents could keep in touch with their loved ones during the lockdown.
It’s more important than ever that we keep in touch and keep talking. Scots are being asked to donate tablets, laptops, smart TVs and larger models of smartphones. For safety reasons, they should be new or in a minimally used condition. They should also be cleaned before being handed in. Find out how to donate onĀ the Scottish Care website. Amazing Jenn, You Are A Star!!

It has been busy here. Myself, Catrina Rose & Jen Imrie were asked onto The Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Scotland last week to talk about what we are doing to access music and live gigs while in lockdown. We had a great time just chatting so we have decided to catch up a couple of times a week and stick it out as a new podcast called “From Under The Duvet”. (We were told that recording while in a duvet fort was the best way to keep the audio decent while recording remotely. In the first episode, we talk about what we did at the weekend to maintain a sense of normality and played music by Emily Burns, Stephanie Cheape & Swim School.

There have been so many artists doing live streams over the last week. From local acts up to superstars like Hayley Williams, everyone has been getting involved. It’s not just music bands are filming, there was a really cool “Cooking With Fatherson” live stream last night.

This week Emily Underhill AKA Tusks will complete the series of One Little Indian live stream. I worked with Tusks when she supported VOK in The Mash House in Edinburgh a couple of years ago and she was amazing. Her album ‘Dissolve’ is one of most listened to albums in the last few years. She will be live on her Instagram on Thursday at 6 pm.

There was loads of great music out on Friday. It was one of they bumper weeks where I did 2 updates of my New Scottish Releases playlist on Spotify. One song that caught my eye (ears) was ‘Perfect Stranger; by Alice Bentley, after a friend shared it on Social Media. I’ll be absolutely honest I didn’t even know she was from Scotland but loved the track and her previous single ‘Come Up’ Is excellent too. I am looking forward to seeing her live when we get back out.

I am knackered tonight. It’s weird staying in all day. It shouldn’t tire you out but it really does. I’m done. Stay Safe & Stay Home!
Craig x