A Light Through The Virus – 7 26/03/2020

Well, it’s almost the weekend. Do they exist anymore? No gigs, no sport, no pubs, no galleries and nowhere to go. How is everyone holding up? I’ll be honest it isn’t bothering me half as much as I thought it would. I LOVE video calling with pals and colleagues. Yesterday was the first time that lockdown made me sad. My niece took shopping round to my Mum but had to knock the door and wait at the gate to say hello. Reality has kicked in and it’s going to be a while until I see my friends and family in real life. I am very thankful for video calls right now. I am trying to have a morning coffee with someone every day, so if you fancy, get in touch.

Productivity is high, here and out there and I was delighted to see a new podcast appear a couple of weeks ago. Isolated Incidents has interviews with musicians and general music people. They have already had chats with The Dunts, Vandal Palace, Swim School and Alex from Vintage Society Music. They have been working out some technical difficulties with lockdown but there will be more interviews coming soon. Listen here

Everyone at the NHS deserves massive praise for the job they are doing during this crisis. Everyone at the NHS deserves massive praise all the time. It shouldn’t need this to make us realise what a wonderful job they do on a day to day basis.

Echo Machine who recently released their debut album ‘Instant Transmission’ It was produced by the wizard SAW and it is massive!! Go listen on Spotify. They have just made a previously unreleased track ‘Isolate’ available on their Bandcamp page and all money taken in will go to NHS Tayside. An excellent gesture chaps. Get it here

As I mentioned it’s going to be a weird weekend, but the people at Gilded Balloon are trying to help us out with some live streaming that we can watch from the comfort of our homes. Join them on Friday 27th March at 8pm for a line up show with a difference, where big names, newcomers and all those in between from the worlds of comedy, music, cabaret, spoken word and more perform from their homes!
You can ‘pay what you want’ by donating throughout the show, and 100% of money taken will be split between artists taking part. Check out their Facebook

It’s a short entry this evening. I have a video wine o’clock scheduled with some pals. I am getting kind of into this if I am honest. It’s Friday tomorrow so feel free to add any new tunes you love into out House Music Spotify Playlist

Craig x