A Light Through The Virus – 6 – 24/03/2020

Last night Boris Johnson issued the UK with strict new guidelines on tackling the coronavirus. We must STAY AT HOME. You can go for shopping and exercise once a day but other than that we can’t go out. It’s a dark time for a free country but these measures have to be taken in order to stop the spread of this virus. I love being outside. I love socialising at gigs and with a beer with mates so this news yesterday is really upsetting. However, it’s not the worst thing that happened yesterday! The Great Escape is cancelled! Not postponed! CANCELLED!! After the hard (but really enjoyable) work of Wide Days the 2-3 week lead up to The Great Escape is how kids must feel in the lead up to Christmas. I am gutted. However, in times like these, we need to look after everyone and The Great Escape will return bigger and better in 2021. See you next year Brighton!

People are continuing to do amazing things amid all the uncertainty and it’s really heartwarming to see. Olly Farrell, who performs music under the pseudonym The Apes Of Genuis, celebrated his birthday yesterday and rather than getting gifts he set up a fundraiser where all the money collected will go to Help Musicians. I have mentioned and will continue to mention, Help Musicians in these posts. They work they do has never been so important so if you get a chance take a look at their website. You can donate to Olly’s fundraiser here. Give a couple of quid that you can’t spend on a pint. Happy Birthday, Olly!

Speaking birthdays, yesterday must have been a special day as it was also Emma Murdoch‘s birthday who goes under the musical name Grayling. She is another artist who has been hit hard with cancellations. To try and help with finances over the next wee while she’s made a couple of downloads available on her Bandcamp for £1 each. You might not think you are helping by paying £1 for a song but in these times you definitely are. Happy Birthday, Emma.

It’s not only music that musicians are releasing to help people through this. One of the most exciting acts coming out of Scotland right now is Kitti and she is releasing a series on videos helping people deal with any mental health issues they may be facing during this tough time. Katie Doyle, who is Kitti, has been very honest in the past about her struggles and has opened up with what she has been through in the past few months in an Instagram post. She will be starting a short video series this week – sharing with you my tips and tricks learned through my therapy, on how to deal with intense emotions and anxiety. Find out more and watch the videos on her Instagram

That’s all folks, I hope lockdown day 1 hasn’t been too bad and I hope you aren’t hanging out in groups. Zoom is fucking tremendous. Try it. You might just save some lives.

Craig x