A Light Through The Virus – 5 – 22/03/2020

What a week it has been, and this is just the start of it. How long until lockdown? I went for a walk up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh today and there were more people up there than I have ever seen in my local pub. I am not one for staying at home, although I have been in the house more of late, I need to get out and about but I usually go a walk myself and if I am with other I will adhere to the official advice given. Practice social distancing people. It will help everyone in the long run.

It’s been really cool seeing people keeping in touch in various ways in the last few days. Apps like Skype and Zoom are a godsend in this situation. It also looks like I will be able to record some podcast remotely in the coming days so keep an eye out for those. So if anyone wants a chat to be part of one of these give me a shout. Talking of podcasts, I have just put the interview I did with Declan Welsh & The Decadent West online. It was recorded at Christmas but due to a post-Christmas clearout I lost my dictaphone but I found it the other day and it’s a really good chat so I decided to go for it. Have a listen here.

Let’s give a shout out to Declan Welsh & The Decadent West actually. They were due to go on tour in May so it’s looking increasingly likely that these shows will be postponed. The debut album ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’ was my favourite album of 2019 so you should go and buy it. They have also put the ‘All My Dreams Are Dull EP’ and a T-Shirt pre-order on Bandcamp. As I have said and will continue to say on these posts, it’s a very difficult time for a lot of people, so if you can afford a couple of quid to help out a self-funded musician then that would be excellent. This mash-up is fucking incredible!!!

It’s been really cool seeing the number of live streams from musicians taking place over the last week, There was even a DF Pub Quiz “Don’t write your fucking answers until the end of the round”. These posts have been quite focussed on Scotland over the last week but it affects musicians all over the world. Manchester’s Larkins are doing a Live Stream tour this week and will be recording some podcasts along the way. They will be inviting some pals in for chats and sessions this week. Find all details on their Facebook page

Well, I just spilled red wine all over the place so I am going to deal with that. Hopefully, most of you will have some kind of routine to go to tomorrow. I actually have a really cool radio thing starting tomorrow but more about that later.

Craig x