A Light Through The Virus – 1 – 18/03/2020

So coronavirus eh? With loads more free time on my hands it’s a great time to actually start blogging again. Not set Track Of The Week features or podcasts but I guess this will just be me sitting down for half an hour each night (let’s see how long it lasts) and getting things out of my head and onto here. I will also be plugging some of the artists who get in touch about what they have in the way of live sessions, merch details, releases etc. Now really is the time to support music in any way you can. This will be essentially a journal with some links to some cool as fuck things that are going on amongst the chaos.

So why start today? The Coronavirus really kicked in and started to affect my life in music when SXSW was canceled a couple of weeks ago but today was the first time I had a conference call with the office where we were all working from home (Happy Birthday Faye) and Glastonbury was canceled so shit has gotten real. I wasn’t planning on going to Glastonbury but if this virus can take Glasto down then nothing is safe.

Avalanche Party @ Sneaky Pete’s

There is loads of uncertainty with people in the industry right now. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Glastonbury will return in 2021 and have their 50th birthday bash a year later. However what is a worry is Sneaky Pete’s, a venue in Edinburgh I go to to see local bands, touring bands and a venue I work in for various promoters are really going to struggle over the next few months. Gigs & clubs will stop. Rent and rates and bills will not. This venue has done so much for the grassroots music scene across the whole of the UK and has been a vital part of the amazing work being done by the Music Venues Trust. It’s time to give a little back. They have set up a crowdfunder page to help with running costs over the next few months. Were you going to a gig that has been canceled or postponed at Sneakys, Yeah, I know you are bound to be disappointed but you probably would have had a few drinks at that gig. Why not donate that tenner to this very important cause. That way when the gigs are rescheduled after this nightmare there will be a Sneaky Pete’s for it to take place.

I put out a little post on the Alive & Amplified socials this morning urging artists to get in touch if I can support them in any way. The response has been great and it’s amazing to see so many bands keeping active and releasing music in this quiet time. So I am going to plug some of them now.

Lakyoto have released a new EP of ‘Unreleased Bangers’ you can donate a couple of quid and get these 4 tracks.

Hailing from the North East of Scotland, Rachel Jack is one of the most exciting emerging singer-songwriters in Scotland. Winner of the University of the West of Scotland’s inaugural Paolo Nutini Songwriting Scholarship, her debut EP ‘The Calgary Tapes’ is an acoustic odyssey, showcasing her raw vocal talent and lyrical craft. Rachel recently spoke with The Social on BBC about chasing her dreams and becoming a singer-songwriter. In this current climate it great to see risks paying off.

Emerging artist-producer Rufus, alias of Ben Lobban, released his electrifying debut single “Tongue”. Featuring on the track is fellow Edinburgh-based artist Dahlia; who is carving her own path after the release of her single “To Sleep”. Rufus has also teamed up with director cinematographer Matthew Dunsmore (Running Home) to create a music video to accompany the release.

I got loads of people getting touch today with what they are up to but as I said I am hoping these posts will be daily so I will keep some for future entries.

We are all scared, we don’t know how the next couple of months are going to pan out healthwise, financially or if the country will ever be the same again. But with continuing to support each other through this hard time will mean when it’s all over and done with we can have one hell of a party getting back to normality.

Get in touch if you have anything to be featured in these posts or you just want to get involved.

Look after each other,
Craig x